Tax Avoidance Must End

Tax Avoidance Must End (Tame) campaigns for the end of tax avoidance in the UK and wants your support to do so.

Tax avoidance costs the UK £10bn/year. This is caused by major companies avoiding corporation tax by registering abroad and rich individuals engaging in dubious tax arrangements. In the last year:

  • Amazon paid £1.8m corporation tax; it had UK sales of £3.3bn
  • Apple paid less than 2% tax on profit made outside the United States
  • Boots paid 3% corporation tax in 2009-10; its head office is in Switzerland
  • eBay paid £1m corporation tax; it had UK sales of £800m
  • Facebook paid £238k in corporation tax; it had UK sales of £175m
  • Google paid £3.4m corporation tax; it had UK sales of £4bn
  • Starbucks paid no corporation tax
  • Vodafone paid no corporation tax
  • Fiona Bruce used
  • Jimmy Carr, who
  • Chris Moyles, who
  • Jeremy Paxman, who
  • Anne Robinson, who

A fuller list of offenders is on the Villains page.

Tame says that if you earn money in the UK then you pay tax in the UK; whether it’s a multinational company making a profit in the UK or a celebrity with a high income in the UK. It’s what the rest of us have to do.

The government is making cuts of billions of pounds. If they paid what they are meant to then the cuts would be smaller and tax rates would be lower.

Taxes are a necessary evil. No one wants to pay them, but we know we have to. They underpin our society. So why should these tax dodgers be allowed to get away with it? They are not above the law. They don’t pay, but should pay. What they are doing is not illegal, but it is immoral.

Some people think it is acceptable what these companies are doing because it keeps their prices low. But it is still wrong. The government collects less tax than it would otherwise, which means to make up the shortfall we have bigger cuts, less spending, and more tax paid by the rest of us. Their actions skew competition. UK-based shops are undercut by Amazon and others. Many close down because of it, which decimates the high street and causes unemployment.

Change is possible. The comedian Jimmy Carr started paying more tax after the outcry about his tax arrangements. Starbucks has said it will pay more tax following similar criticism. 81% of us think the government should do more to address this issue.

Use this website to:

  • Add your voice to the campaign to end tax avoidance
  • Find out more about the issue and what you can do
  • Read letters from Tame to the tax dodgers
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